Sattamatkain.fainl ank playe bazaar

Hello as we have just promised to give you a free game for a few days.  I used to charge you 10,000 rupees before giving you the game.  Then we thought that all the work is still closed and people are not getting money to deposit advance.  We decided that we should help everyone in this way and their charge should be taken after passing the game.  Because of this people started cheating on me.  People are not paying me by taking games.  Due to this, we kept giving games to people.  I gave the game to people for about 15 days.  Among them, there were more people who did not pay for me and did not pay from the second number and did not pay like every time by taking the game again.  Due to this we had to face a loss of Rs 4 lakh because those people did not give me so much money that we have to pay to take the game.  Due to this, we have re-applied a small charge of Rs. 599, this is not a big amount because it will remain till 20 November 2020 only after that our old charge will be implemented.  Now a question may have come in your mind, why is the charge kept so low?  The answer is the problem of people and we can easily charge the company from which we take the game.  It is not at all that we will not charge you after the game passes, as soon as the result comes, you will have to make a payment of Rs 10,000.  Thank you.  

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